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Thanks for stopping by

April 17, 2008

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My name is Daniel Smith and this is my blog. My plan for this thing is sort of a collection of fragmented thoughts on topics I find of interest (and hopefully you will too) like sales, marketing, productivity and writing. That’s why I’ve called the blog Smithereens, to represent those scattered pieces of ideas. Oh…and also because my last name is Smith. See what I did there? As they say, there is nothing like a bad pun to keep ’em coming back.

So, you may be wondering who I am and why you should read my blog. You may not be, either, but that doesn’t mean I won’t answer anyway. I am a sales professional, entrepreneur and dabbling writer in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

By day, I am the Associate Publisher and Advertising Sales Director for a chain of industry newspapers called the Construction News and Report Group. My boss is Mark Buckshon and you can read his Construction Marketing Ideas blog here.

In my free time, I enjoy reading (books, blogs, magazines), watching movies, playing soccer. A new free-time project of mine is to write a novel – I guess we’ll see how that goes!

I have run my own company in the past, and I learned a ton doing it. One day I intend to be my own boss again, but in the meantime, my employer (CNRG) offers me the opportunity to be very entrepreneurial and independent in my work and that’s why I love what I do.

I have always loved to write, and these days, aside from my novel ambitions (in every sense of the phrase), I don’t get to do much writing just for the sake of writing. For me, this blog is a long overdue outlet for that passion and I am looking forward to filling these pages with (hopefully) engaging commentary and observations on a daily basis.

So I know there is not much to see here yet, but me a favour – bookmark this site, or subscribe to my RSS feed by clicking the big orange button on the right (what’s an RSS feed?) and come on back tomorrow or the next day once I have started to write and join in the conversation by leaving a comment. Until then.