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The Devil’s in the Distractions

April 22, 2008

[If you are reading this on my WordPress Blog, please jump over to my new address on Blogger (explanartion for the switch to follow.) If you are reading this on Blogger. read on.]

I apologize that there has not been a post here since Friday. I have had a number of issues with my WordPress blog since my last post there and am halfway through a longish explanatory post on why I have picked up and moved to Blogger. (note: link doesn’t point to the article yet, as it is not finished – will update later.) I wasn’t able to finish the posting before Sunday, however, and then I was off to Toronto to attend the two-day IAPA Health and Safety trade show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Internet availability (and free time) have been scarce here, and so I am only getting the chance to post now.

Look out for that WordPress v. Blogger posting at some point tomorrow, as well as a few more posts shortly thereafter on some ideas that have been stewing for a couple days… perhaps that will make them even tastier to consume!